Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an attorney to handle my tax problem?

There are two major reasons why you may want to retain an attorney.

Accountants, CPA’s and enrolled agents can only represent a taxpayer to a certain point.  Attorneys have unlimited representation rights before the IRS and do not have to “hand-off” your case if it needs to be appealed or taken to Tax Court.

In addition, unlike attorneys, communications with accountants, CPA’s and enrolled agents are NOT privileged.  They can be compelled to testify against you.  An attorney cannot be force to testify against you.

Why don’t you advertise the percentage of my tax lien you can settle with the IRS for like some others do?

First and foremost advertising stating that we could “settle for pennies on the dollar” and such are, we feel, misleading.

Many, if not all of the businesses that utilize that type of advertising are not attorneys and their advertising does not have to satisfy State Bar rules and regulations.  The oversight of the accuracy of their claims and their business practices is no different than any other business. If there are complaints filed against them or they get a “bad reputation” they simply close up and reopen under a different name.

Unlike attorneys they do not have a professional license or reputation to protect and are not regulated by a Bar Association.”

What should I bring and what should I expect at my first meeting with your office?

First, expect to be treated with courtesy and respect.

Bring everything you have related to your tax issue. Every letter from the IRS or New York State, copies of tax returns (even if you never filed them), and an accurate list of your monthly expenses. If you have any doubt, bring it.

We will review your documents with you, explain the different options that are generally available, explain the process that the IRS or state is following and what we can and cannot do for you should you decide to retain our office.

Why can’t I pay you by the hour?

There are a few reasons that, with few exceptions, we work on a flat fee for services.

First, we don’t think it’s fair for our clients to not have a definitive answer to “what will this cost me?”  You already have an IRS or State tax issue and very likely a lien or levy on your assets and we feel that having the added stress of an unknown legal fee is just not right.

Secondly, communication between you and our office is vital to achieving the best possible outcome for you. This can be compromised if you are, even subconsciously, cutting telephone conversations or meetings short for fear of increasing the legal fee.  Flat fees help avoid this.

Who will be working on my case?

We will. We are a local Long Island law firm and we handle all our own cases.  We are not a “local representative” or “front” for an out-of-state tax resolution company.  We don’t sign you up and then hand your information off to someone else.  You will meet with the attorneys who will be handling your tax matter and answering your questions.

When is the best time to address my tax problem?

This one is easy. The answer is right now!  Whether you have just received your first letter from the IRS or New York State or have a levy on an asset (like a bank account) and are about to have that asset seized, take action now! Every day that you delay in addressing your tax problem is another day that it gets worse and you potentially lose legal options to solve it.

What are the possible solutions for my tax problems?

There are a number of possible solutions for your tax issue, including an offer in compromise, installment agreement, innocent spouse relief and currently uncollectable. The right solution for your individual tax problem can only be determined after careful and detailed analysis of the facts and circumstances unique to your situation.

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